Optimize Store Conversion

with an experience transformation

that your shoppers deserve.


Reduce consumer friction and optimize shopper engagement by capturing, analyzing, and integrating data to understand customer behaviors and predict future activity. 

Did you know?

Shoppers convert

7X higher

in a fitting room.

85% of shoppers

leave fitting rooms and abandon intended purchase from a lack of prompt assistance



Crave's proprietary fitting room technology and touchless experiences allow retailers to meet each customer's unique needs, access real-time insights into all customer activity, increase conversion, and improve customer satisfaction.

Interactive Fitting Room

Give your shoppers what they want when they want it with our interactive experience built for iPads and tablets.

Personalized engagement from store teams
On-demand product requests
Instant product recommendations
Omnichannel capabilities
Associate Assist


Equip your associates with modern ways to serve the customer through their try-on journey in the store.

Assisted upselling
Know shoppers better
Personalize engagements
Enable conversion activities
Store Dashboard

Give your store manager actionable insights to boost store revenue and optimize customer engagement opportunities.

Shopper engagements
Associate performance
Real-time and historical data
Uncover merchandise interest and demand


Our subscription-based offering gives retailers constant innovation with little upfront effort to get started. We leverage a network of solution integrators and data partners which enable us to deploy solutions worldwide in a capital-efficient fashion.

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