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To help retailers connect with their shoppers


To accelerate experience transformation for retail touchpoints


Retail is a tough industry, especially when trying to integrate the online world with your physical location. Crave Retail is here to help bring your customers from their couch to your fitting room. Once they have arrived, customers will be able to request additional items and even check out without ever leaving the fitting room. Recent studies have shown 78% of shoppers will abandon their items if they feel that the checkout wait time will exceed 7 minutes. Our end-to-end experience will remove that wait time and will in-turn increase sales.

Our goal is to provide retailers with our solution at an economical price so that it can be used in every store location. Results will be measurable with real-time fitting room insights and merchandise reporting. The most important outcome will be the increased customer satisfaction that will keep shoppers coming back again and again.


You can’t beat the convenience of scrolling through hundreds of clothing designs online. The problem with online shopping is you can’t feel the material or try the product on for proper fit. If you decide to go to the store you may first ask yourself, “Will they have my items in stock? Will they have my size? How much of my day will this take?”


The modern shopper expects speed and convenience. We are delivering on that. With Crave Retail, you’ll be able to reserve your products in advance of arriving at the store. Everything will be waiting for you when you arrive at the store. From the fitting room, our technology will allow you to request additional items or sizes instantly. After you’ve made your selections, you will be able to check-out right from your fitting room instead of waiting in a traditional checkout line. Crave Retail lets you combine the convenience of online shopping with the peace-of-mind of physically trying on products before buying them.


Our CEO Matthew Cyr has worked in retail sales across North America, China, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. In 2011, he had the opportunity to grow a major retail business in China. Luckily, Matthew stays in good shape because limited space was a pretty common occurrence for stockrooms in the East, as shown in the photo.


It was at this moment that Matthew realized the challenges and opportunities of the retail world. He knew that he could make great improvements and decided that this was to be his professional calling.







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